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Going in Circles at 007 RPM (2007)

"This is too weird for me." - Mom "That's stupid, it doesn't even sound like your voice." - Dad

The Incumbent (2008)

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The Incumbent


The Incumbent always is, has what will sometimes was have been. In the beginning It hadn't are where it should. But couldn't said is going to, and didn't. Now The Incumbent never will have was.

Jonny MacFire is the Prime Administer for the Incumbent. He Administers vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass and drum tracks and yes, the occasional beatdown. Although MacFire writes most of the lyrics, he seldom sings what is written. If you meet MacFire remember : 1. His astrological sign is Wednesday, and he was born in the Chinese Year of the Teabag. 2. Although he is an avid vegetarian, Jonny does on occasion enjoy a hearty serving of lightning seared minotaur with his thallid salad. 3. Any similarities between Johnny Blaze, Johnny Storm, Johnny Carson or J'onn J'onnz and Jonny Macfire are purely coincidental and in no way intended...excpect that Johnny Carson kinda looks like the Martian Manhunter if you've had enough beers... Revy AP of Dohja serves as the Incumbent's High Warden. As part of his gameskeeper duties he routinely sees to the proper care, feeding and exercise of the Stingrays, Ovations, Digeridoos, Acetones, Casios and various unwashed Huskies. Bear in mind if you encounter AP on the street that : 1. Although everybody makes fun of him and gives him a hard time, Aquaman is a pretty powerful superhero. AP doesn't care if he can talk to fish, he can BREATHE UNDERWATER. Even Supeman has to hold his breath... 2. No, it's not you. He just twitches like that. 3. Flanking is a great offensive ability to employ. Both AP and MacFire are responsible for the recording, mixing, editing and mastering of all materials produced by The Incumbent. Justin a.k.a. "Dr. Mills" appears courtesy of First Wave of Innocents



Completed Albums

Going in Circles at 007 RPM(2007)

"This is too weird for me." - Mom "That's stupid, it doesn't even sound like your voice." - Dad

The Authority
Alex's Song (I Can See You)
Jimbo Eats Lunch Downtown
Going in Circles
Ephemerol (A Song For Ashley)
Tomorrow's Today
The Forest for the Trees

The Incumbent(2008)

& So It Begins
The Blinding Light
Bullets for Bloodcells
Let Me Hold You a While
When It All Goes Down/ It Comes Back Up
Theodore Geisel Rolls Over In His Grave